Madam Secretary : A Memoir

Madam Secretary : A Memoir

Book Title: Madam Secretary : A Memoir

Author: Madeleine Albright

Format: Paperback | 592 pages

Publication Date: 05 Mar 2013

ISBN-13: 9780062265463

A national bestseller on its first publication in 2003, "Madam Secretary" is the riveting personal story of former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright. For eight years, during Bill Clinton's two presidential terms, Albright was an active participant in some of the most dramatic events of our time-from the pursuit of peace in the Middle East to NATO's humanitarian intervention in Kosovo. In this thoughtful memoir, one of the most admired women in American history shares her remarkable story, including thoughts on her upbringing in Czechoslovakia and her role as a wife and mother, and provides an insider's view on global affairs during this period of extraordinary turbulence. With a new epilogue by the author, "Madam Secretary" offers an inimitable blend of Albright's warm humor, personal recollection, and riveting insight on events that shaped our nation and our world.