How to get a PhD

How to get a PhD

Book Title: How to get a PhD

Author: Estelle Phillips

Format: Paperback | 280 pages

Publication Date: 04 Nov 2010

ISBN-13: 9780335242023

"This handbook for students and their supervisors does exactly what it says 'on the tin' - it tells you how to get a PhD in a sensible, practical and informed fashion designed to debunk the myths and relieve you of any false allusions... The PhD is a challenging process and often feels more mysterious than it should be. This worthwhile offering makes the whole endeavour a much more 'open book' for the would-be Dr and comes highly recommended."
Wilma Clark, Institute of Education, University of London.Since the first edition of this innovative book, thousands of doctoral students have gained their doctorates by following the spot-on advice it gives. Across all faculties and disciplines, it remains the book of choice for both students and their supervisors, establishing it as a worldwide bestseller.This practical book guides students through all they need to know to approach the research, write and defend their ideas and ultimately produce a unique and robust academic thesis. It also gives supervisors and examiners invaluable tips on their role in the process.With vignettes from doctoral candidates, the book demonstrates how problems can be approached and overcome.Thoroughly updated to include new technologies and different forms of doctorate, new content includes coverage on:

Studying for a professional doctorate
The specifics of writing your PhD
Equal opportunities for non-traditional students and for students from minority groups
A self-evaluation questionnaire on doctoral supervisory practice (to complement the existing questionnaire on student progress)
How to Get a PhD is the essential handbook for doctoral students!