Designs and Patterns for Embroiderers and Craftsmen

Designs and Patterns for Embroiderers and Craftsmen

Book Title: Designs and Patterns for Embroiderers and Craftsmen

Author: Madeleine Orban-Szontagh

Format: Paperback | 160 pages

Publication Date: 01 Jul 1975

ISBN-13: 9780486230306

Have you ever wanted to create your own embroidery and crewel designs but given up the idea just because you can't draw? Here is a book containing over 500 patterns and designs from the finest Victorian source. Just transfer the designs to cloth, select a color scheme, use your favorite stitches, and soon your very own personal "noodle painting" will begin to form.
These designs are classified according to type so that they are easier for you to use. You will find large motifs for big areas and dainty motifs for smaller projects; borders (narrow, medium, and wide) for pillows, sheets, and anything wanting a decorative edge; centers and corners for tablecloths and upholstery; insects, birds, and flowers for adding color to shirts and jeans; and even scenes perfect for sewing and framing.
A wide variety of flowers, sprays, and greenery is included in this book, usually in various combinations: daisies, tulips, peonies, dahlias, cornflowers, lilies, rosebuds, poppies, violets, and forget-me-nots, plus shamrocks, heather, and flowers with ribbons, in baskets, etc. There are also butterflies, bluebirds, bumblebees, owls, dragonflies, and insects of all sorts. For those whose tastes are more unconventional or avant-garde, there are geometric designs, dramatic sunbursts, and unusual beasts.
Complete instructions explain how to transfer these designs to cloth, and imaginative crafters will find this book suitable to a variety of other media, including metalwork, woodwork leather craft, and more.