The Psychoanalysis Of Fire

The Psychoanalysis Of Fire

Book Title: The Psychoanalysis Of Fire

Author: Gaston Bachelard

Format: Paperback | 132 pages

Publication Date: 30 Jan 1987

ISBN-13: 9780807064610

"[Bachelard] is neither a self-confessed and tortured atheist like Satre, nor, like Chardin, a heretic combining a belief in God with a proficiency in modern science. But, within the French context, he is almost as important as they are because he has a pseudo-religious force, without taking a stand on religion. To define him as briefly as possible he is a philosopher, with a professional training in the sciences, who devoted most of the second phase of his career to promoting that aspect of human nature which often seems most inimical to science: the poetic imagination ..." J.G. Weightman, "The New York Times Review of Books""