Mexican Vegetarian Cooking

Mexican Vegetarian Cooking

Book Title: Mexican Vegetarian Cooking

Author: Eddie Garza

Format: Paperback | 128 pages

Publication Date: 01 Jun 1984

ISBN-13: 9780892813414

Authentic national dishes of Mexico, including vegetarian adaptations of Tacos, Enchiladas, and Guacamole, are included in this colleciton of recipes. Here are the exciting flavors of Mexico in an easy-to-use cookbook that features wholefood ingredients at their best. - While we think of Mexican cuisine as primarily meat-based, in actual practice, most Mexican dishes are vegetarian. - Includes recipes for beverages, soups, salads, casseroles, and desserts. - Provides a glossary of frequently-used utensils and ingredients, with an entire reference section devoted to chilis.