Bowls - Biased and Uncensored

Bowls - Biased and Uncensored

Book Title: Bowls - Biased and Uncensored

Author: John Bell

Format: Paperback | 240 pages

Publication Date: 01 Nov 2015

ISBN-13: 9780992379179

Ian Schuback OAM (or 'Shoey', as he is affectionately known) is the sportsperson best credentialed to 'tell it how it is' when it comes to lawn bowls - no other Australian player in history has matched his international record of four world titles. In Bowls: Biased + Uncensored, Shoey lays out the principles that underline the game, providing an insight into not only how the game is played, but also detailing the essential attributes of success and the strategic planning required to deliver the ultimate performance.Shoey's narrative is just as he is on the green: outspoken, flamboyant, more than once controversial but always passionate and committed to his mission. The insider knowledge that he brings to all levels of bowlers is unparalleled, and his legacy to the sport continues through this book, as does his ongoing commitment to helping others "be the best they can be".A practioner's guide suitable for both lawn bowl coaches and beginners.Inspirational book from one of Australia's greatest bowlers. An invaluable tool for prospective future champions. A great gift for experienced bowlers. Packed full of tips and wisdom to perfect your game.