Evaluating Contract Claims

Evaluating Contract Claims

Book Title: Evaluating Contract Claims

Author: P. John Keane

Format: Hardback | 712 pages

Publication Date: 18 Nov 2019

ISBN-13: 9781118918142

An important guide to the quantification of contract claims in the construction industry, updated third edition

The substantially expanded third edition of Evaluating Contract Claims puts the spotlight on the quantification of claims in the construction industry after liability has been established, including by reference to the terms of several standard forms of contract in common use. The authors clearly demonstrate the potential alternative approaches to quantification, the processes, principles and standard of analysis required to produce acceptable claims for additional payment. The third edition covers a number of heads claims not considered in previous editions and offers an important guide for those working with building or engineering contracts.

Evaluating Contract Claims explains in detail how the base from which evaluation of additional payments may be established, the effect of changes on the programme of work and the sources of information for evaluation of additional payments. The book also contains information for evaluating the direct consequences of change in terms of the impact on unit rates, and evaluating of the time consequences of change in terms of prolongation, disruption, acceleration and more. This important book:

Concentrates on the quantification of contract claims after liability has been established
Offers a guide that is appropriate for any form of contract
Considers the potential alternative approaches to quantification of different heads of claim
Contains the principles and methods that should be reflected in the evaluation of claim quantum
Includes the standard of substantiation which may be required
Presents information that is equally applicable in both building and engineering disputes
Is substantially expanded from its previous editions

Written for construction and engineering contract administrators, project managers, quantity surveyors and contract consultants, Evaluating Contract Claims offers a revised third edition to the essential guide for quantifying claims in the construction industry once liability has been established.