Ireland 1798-1998 : War, Peace and Beyond

Ireland 1798-1998 : War, Peace and Beyond

Book Title: Ireland 1798-1998 : War, Peace and Beyond

Author: Diarmaid Ferriter

Format: Paperback | 556 pages

Publication Date: 03 May 2010

ISBN-13: 9781405189613

Receiving widespread critical acclaim when first published, Ireland 1798-1998 has been revised to include coverage ofthe most recent developments. Jackson s stylish and impartialinterpretation continues to provide the most up-to-date andimportant survey of 200 years of Irish history. * A new edition of this highly acclaimed history of Ireland,reflecting both the very latest political developments and growthof scholarship * Jackson provides a balanced and authoritative account of thecomplex political history of modern Ireland * Draws on original research and extensive reading of the latestsecondary literature * Jackson provides an impressive treatment of events coupled withflowing narrative, delivered analytically and elegantly