Backyard Meat Rabbits

Backyard Meat Rabbits

Book Title: Backyard Meat Rabbits

Author: Rick Worden

Format: Paperback | 82 pages

Publication Date: 10 Nov 2013

ISBN-13: 9781492928560

The Urban Rabbit Project Volume 1 Backyard Meat Rabbits This is the first in a series called The Urban Rabbit Project that will share all of our different experiences with rabbits. Each Future Volume will build on the prior Volumes, but could be read as a stand-alone book. The idea is to allow the reader greater flexibility in choosing what interests them and what they find helpful to them. For example, this one is aimed obviously at those considering the idea of starting a small backyard herd of meat rabbits, but does NOT actually get into any aspects of harming any. It stops short of that. So, if one can overlook references to "meat" rabbits, it could be helpful to those interested in having outdoor pet rabbits too. There are many books about raising rabbits. I find most very general, including information on keeping rabbits as pets, raising rabbits for show, and breeding rabbits to sell to processors for profit. This book will focus specifically on, and only on sharing with the reader our personal experiences and methods of raising meat rabbits on our 120'x120' city lot in Michigan as self-sufficient meat for our family. It stops short of the actual harvesting process. I'm often on my soapbox in support of the argument that it's easier for a family to "need less" than to "spend more" money to buy quality food. Done our way, rabbit meat can cost close to zero after the initial setup is paid for. There are no taxes to pay, no middleman, no anything. It's just like we've added a meat section to our garden! Then, just like we do with our extra tomatoes, zucchini and cucumbers from our garden, we can share or trade with our neighbors who don't have any. It's that simple. Backyard Meat Rabbits can benefit every family on the planet, in my humble opinion. Next in the series: The Urban Rabbit Project Volume 2 Beyond The Pellet - Feeding Rabbits Naturally In Volume 2, I am joined by a gentleman with over 30 years of knowledge and experience in feeding meat rabbits. Mr. Rick Worden, owner of Rise And Shine Rabbitry and will share with us his take on going Beyond The Pellet. Like myself, Rick has worked extensively at moving away from commercial feed and towards natural feed for our rabbits. We write this together, aimed at a more advanced audience of Rabbiteers looking to take control of what their rabbits eat, what their feed costs are and ultimately what they eat.