Dogist Puppies, The

Dogist Puppies, The

Book Title: Dogist Puppies, The

Author: Elias Weiss Friedman

Format: Hardback | 304 pages

Publication Date: 19 Sep 2017

ISBN-13: 9781579657437

And with their sweet faces, soft bellies, and oversized paws, the puppies in The Dogist Puppies make this book even more irresistible than Friedman's first one! Presented documentary style, every portrait tells a story and explores each puppy's distinct character and spirit. The book presents a gallery of puppy portraits arranged into themes including Ears, Big Paws, Cones of Shame, Learning to Walk, and Fancy Outfits, giving every dog lover something to pore over. With the author's 2.4 million and growing Instagram followers, The Dogist Puppies is poised to reach a large audience of puppy lovers looking for the perfect gift book this holiday season.