Spice Journey : An Adventure in Middle Eastern Flavours

Spice Journey : An Adventure in Middle Eastern Flavours

Book Title: Spice Journey : An Adventure in Middle Eastern Flavours

Author: Shane Delia

Format: Hardback | 256 pages

Publication Date: 07 Apr 2016

ISBN-13: 9781743367339

From Morocco, Malta and Andalucia in the west, to Turkey, Lebanon and Iran in the East, the food and flavours of the Middle East permeate almost every aspect of daily life. Orange blossom and rose petals, spice-encrusted slow-cooked meats, fermented yoghurts, dates and olives - these are the flavours that have entranced visitors for centuries and that have recently experienced a surge in popularity in western kitchens.Award winning Maltese-Australian chef Shane Delia journeys to both the well-trodden souks and private dining rooms of locals across six countries in the Middle East, in search of the most authentic local recipes to bring back to his kitchen. Spice Journey offers 80 of these recipes distilled for the home cook. Learn to make Cracked wheat and tomato kibbeh, Braised lamb shoulder with saltbrush, Black squid ink rice, chorizo filled baby calamari and fried seaweed and Frozen peanut butter parfait, salted tahini caramel and broken baklava. Accompanied by hundreds of stunning images shot on location, this is a book for anyone who has ever dreamt of taking their own spice journey.