The Barbed Wire Fence

The Barbed Wire Fence

Book Title: The Barbed Wire Fence

Author: Doug Gold

Format: Paperback | 226 pages

Publication Date: 09 Nov 2018

ISBN-13: 9781789553550

This is not intended as a treatise on the futility of war, because that has been done before by much cleverer people. Neither is it a stirring story of escape, patriotism and bravery, because that too has been done before, by people much better qualified to write about it. This is a perfectly straightforward and true story, of an ordinary young German. Not particularly concerned about, nor interested in politics, but subscribing to the currently held idealised image of the F├╝hrer, he was called upon to fight for his country, for the Third Reich, and willingly did so. He was captured in the autumn of 1944, and became a prisoner of war in England. This is the story of his captivity, a light-hearted view. Sometimes a little sad, but often funny. This is about ingenuity in adversity, and how the fatalist more often than not survives all others.