Naughty Little People Postcards

Naughty Little People Postcards

Book Title: Naughty Little People Postcards

Author: Mike Bender

Format: Paperback | 21 pages

Publication Date: 02 Jul 2018

ISBN-13: 9781856699129

Containing 21 detachable postcards of miniature scenes in which naughty little people engage in surprising, funny, titillating or simply obscene behaviour, this book gives readers a humorous look beneath the veneer of polite society.

Artists Vincent Bousserez, Jonah Samson, Lisa Swerling, Etienne Clement and the Rainbowmonkey make stunning use of miniature scenes to create startling situations and amusing, memorable images. The pictures play with the notions of surprise and hidden drama, inviting the viewer to take a peek into the darkly funny depths of human behaviour - from the silly and the crude to the disturbing and the mysterious.

Ideal for sharing with or sending to friends, this postcard book is an original, fun and amusing gift for grown ups.