Stage Acting Techniques : A Practical Guide

Stage Acting Techniques : A Practical Guide

Book Title: Stage Acting Techniques : A Practical Guide

Author: Andrew Biss

Format: Paperback | 160 pages

Publication Date: 30 Oct 2004

ISBN-13: 9781861266866

This guide works from the assumption that, although talent cannot be taught, the ability to apply talent successfully can. It leads the student clearly and expertly towards stepping confidently onto the stage and feeling thoroughly at home there. Learn how to always be real, natural, and truthful; develop the skills to interpret the intentions of the text; work with other actors to improve personal success; master the author s unique two-brain technique; understand and enjoy the benefits of improvisation; be physically limber, relaxed, and expressive on stage; use your voice effectively; and get laughs in comedy. John Hester has been a working theater professional and Equity member for 25 years; he is an actor, director, tutor, producer, and playwright."