Under Rose-Tainted Skies

Under Rose-Tainted Skies

Book Title: Under Rose-Tainted Skies

Author: Adam Silvera

Format: Paperback | 288 pages

Publication Date: 07 Jul 2016

ISBN-13: 9781910655863

Available in three different shades of pink (supplied at random).
Agoraphobia confines Norah to the house she shares with her mother.
For her, the outside is sky glimpsed through glass, or a gauntlet
to run between home and car. But a chance encounter on the doorstep
changes everything: Luke, her new neighbour. Norah is determined
to be the girl she thinks Luke deserves: a 'normal' girl,
her skies unfiltered by the lens of mental illness. Instead, her
love and bravery opens a window to unexpected truths ...